Day Twenty-Nine - A Book Everyone Hated but You Liked

I think that no matter what we read and/or enjoy, not everyone is going to feel the same way we do about it.  Different things resonate for a variety of reasons.  When it comes to books, especially, I always feel like people take distinctions and definitions too seriously because we’re all human and different and that lack of sameness is what causes to interpret something so differently than someone else might. It’s what adds dimension to the reading world. What’s wrong with liking Harlequin romances novels, the Twilight series, old school pulp fiction, whatever variety of fan fiction, or whatever anyone might label ‘trash’? Why do I feel so compelled to label one-off novels that don’t take themselves seriously as ‘guilty pleasures’?  I am a hypocrite completely when it comes to what I’m saying here, because if you are always one-hundred-per-cent transparent when it comes to what you love and who you are I applaud you, seriously; I have and probably always will be at least minutely concerned about how I want to be perceived.

That said I would guess that not everyone has accolades and banners waving for a few of those as-personally-categorized ‘guilty pleasure’ series that I love, like: The Southern Vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris, the Shopaholic novels by Sophie Kinsella, and anything and absolutely everything written by Nicholas Sparks.